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82 Main St. Brooklyn, NY

October 24, 2021

Are you in need of Orthopedic shoe lift!

Don’t worry we have a solution for that We are Cnetorthopedic and we do custom orthopedic shoe lift modifications on any shoe.

Now you can add a lift to your favorite shoes and orthopedic without any worry Here’s how you can place an order and go to our here on the navigation bar click on the place order side then an empty formal appear You need to fill out all the details that are required and submit the form after we receive the form we’ll say that the empty box to your address in which you’ll need to send this to your shoes After we receive your shoes we’ll start the modification after the modification is complete We’ll send you an invoice via mail And after the pain in this name we’ll ship issues vaccine You can also print a free shipping label from our website to attach to your shipment Here’s how you can do it you can see a print free shipping label sign Click on that You’ll land on another web page here You need to fill out the address info and shipping info and click next Your shipping label is ready And I’ll click on submit and you’re done And here’s how you can print an order form from our website on the homepage Click on print order form to download the form After it is downloaded open it fill in the details correctly and ship it along with your shoes that need modification for any questions