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Orthopedic Shoe Lifts

“Orthopedic Shoe Lifts for You”

Get the best shoe build ups modification nationwide, great experience and easy process!

How we do it

Shoe Been Split
First Step

Split up the sole

Split: Our technician will carefully proceed to split the sole, depending on client’s request, no matter how thick the sole is, we are capable of opening up to 1/8″ thick of any kind of sole material such as: rubber, hard-plastic sole, etc.

Shoe Lifts Size
Second Step

Shoe Lifts insert

Fitting: The external shoe lift will be placed on the outside of your shoe, usually on the heel of the bottom of the shoe. It may be necessary to adjust the fit of the lift by trimming it to the size of adding padding to ensure a comfortable fit.

Shoe Lift Finished
Shoe Lift Work Done

Work done

Finish: Once the external shoe lift has been fitted to your sole, you can begin using it immediately. It is important to wear the lift consistently to achieve the desired results. Then, it’s ready to be shipped to you by mail.

Customers Review

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Debra HolgateDebra Holgate
23:02 29 Oct 22
Five stars for 100% satisfaction. Excellent workmanship, superb turnaround time, equitable pricing. What more could one want? Cnetorthopedic has a customer for life.
Demetrios PashosDemetrios Pashos
14:52 27 Oct 22
Great work ! I am very satisfied with the MODIFICATIONS & REPAIRS on my SHOES . My Hip Stopped Hurting since CNETORTHOPEDIC added a SUPPORT all across my LEFT SHOES that needed this . Thank you !
Howard LevineHoward Levine
19:59 27 Aug 22
When asked if I would mind if I would share my experience doing business with Cnetorthopedic, I could not wait to express my feelings about this company. In my estimation it is one of the easiest companies that you could work with. They do all the work for you. All you have to do is bring your box to the post office for drop off an that is it. They do all the work for you. When you speak to them on the phone they are so kind and affectionate. As for price, I can only say that the save me almost $90.00 per sneaker. I have not yet had to send them a shoe, but I am quite sure the savings would still be substantial. I highly recommend this business.
Caroline MaurerCaroline Maurer
21:18 06 May 22
If there were more stars they would get them!I have had them modify, in 12,000 different ways, several pairs of boots and they are always very quick to come back to me and exactly what I wanted. I even had a snafu with delivery recently and their kindness exceeded all expectations. Truly.If you need lifts, resoling, to make slippery shoes hike-worthy, or all of the above I couldn't recommend them more highly! I rarely write reviews and I MEAN it.Great humans doing great work!
Rob HixonRob Hixon
23:23 29 Apr 22
1. I discovered Cnetorthopedic online while trying to find a local cobbler that could do my shoe modification. After reviewing their process, viewing pictures of their workmanship and reading all five star reviews, I decided to give them a shot. Within two days of setting up my account I received a box and prepaid label to ship my shoe to them. In less than a week I received my well packed and finished shoe. The entire process was a breeze, and more importantly my shoe modification was beautiful, having been done by a true Craftsman. Cnetorthopedic has made this easier than going to my local cobbler. I will be sending all of my shoes needing modification to them in the future!
Boot Shoe Lift Modification
Shoe Lift UGG

Our Promise of Quality and Service

Orthopedic Shoe Video
Shoe Lifts Video

Learn Our Process

Watch the video, this will help you retain the information on how to submit your order.

What Sets Us Apart

Beyond Just a Product

  • Our shoe lifts are not merely products; they are a testament to our passion for helping individuals achieve better mobility and comfort.
  • We are more than just a service; we are partners in your journey towards improved wellness.
What are Orthopedic Shoe Lifts
Shoe Lift Modification
Shoe Lifts Buil Ups
Orthopedic Shoe Lifts

There are several reasons why people may need shoes lifts.

Some people may need them for medical reasons, such as to correct a leg length discrepancy or to alleviate back pain caused by an uneven gait.

Others may use shoe lift buildups to increase their height or to compensate for a difference in length that was not corrected during a previous surgery.

Shoe lifts buildups can also be used to correct imbalances in the body that may be caused by injuries or other medical conditions. For example, people who have suffered from a stroke or have arthritis in their feet may benefit from using shoe lift build ups to improve their balance or mobility.

In addition, some people may choose to use shoe lifts modification for cosmetic reasons such as to appear taller or to achieve a more symmetrical appearance. Overall, orthopedic shoe lift can be a helpful solution for people who need to correct imbalances on their body or who want to improve their mobility and comfort It is important to consult with a medical professional to determine the appropriate course or treatment for your specific needs. IF YOUR ALREADY KNOW YOUR INBALANCE MEASUREMENT WE CAN HELP PLACE YOUR ORDER: <<HERE>>


Custome Shoe Lifts
Customer Service Heel Lifts

“Our customer service department will manage all customer inquiries, handle customers’ complaints and provide appropriate solutions or alternatives. Contact us at any time via contact form email or just give us a call.


AI Shoe Lifts Technology
Shipping Faster

“As soon as your shoe build up is complete, our shipping team will wrap up your package and drop it off to the USPS Office on the same day for fast delivery.


Perfect Job
Good Work

“We are dedicated to offering the highest quality shoe lift services to our customers. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction, if for any reason you are no completely satisfied with your order, simply let us know,

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